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  • Talent view

    Brilliant plastic technology has always been adhering to the "development to attract people, to cause to cohesion, to work to train people, 
    " The concept of talent based on performance. We regard employees as the most valuable assets of enterprises,
    And always with a long-term development vision to find talent, cultivate talent, use talent, fully tap the potential of employees,
    Promote the growth of employees and companies.
  • Team culture

    Brilliant plastic technology has been adhering to the "army, school, family" team culture: 
    at the military level: we emphasize strict discipline, due diligence, to achieve high executive effect;
    at the school level: we emphasize continuous learning, two-way incentives, to enhance staff learning purposes;
    at the family level We emphasize harmony and solidarity and achieve the goal of enhancing enterprise cohesion. Our enterprises should be as executive as the army, as learning as schools, as cohesive as families. We all have what we can and can't do. Together, we work together and share happiness and hardship. We are not only the colleagues who work together, but also the students who work together for common progress. We are also the comrades who work together.